• SORTING & STACKING TOY: This Translucent Peg Board is perfect for entertaining the growing mind of your child. Develop sorting and counting skills, discover color combinations, build 3D structures, and more!
  • EASY AND SAFE ASSEMBLY: This Translucent Peg Board features brightly colored plastic pegs for your child's enjoyment. They're easy to link together, take apart, and have no sharp edges!
  • DURABLE DESIGN: The rigid plastic design is safe for kids, but tough enough to take a beating! They are chip resistant and easy to wash, allowing them to last years to come.
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY: What's better than hours of entertainment? The fact that they will be learning the whole time! Educational STEM toys improve hand eye coordination and cognitive skills in early development. This Translucent Peg Board will help teach sorting, counting, color, and sorting skills!
  • TRANSLUCENT FOR LIGHT PANELS: Not only are these pegs and board bright and bold, but they're also translucent! Pair them with an LED panel for even more ways to play.

Translucent Stacking Pegs on Clear Board